Nurse Consultations

Mount Vets Nurses

Our nurses are part of a dedicated team of professionals who have been trained to support the care of animals receiving treatment at The Mount. They have an important part to play in the veterinary team providing expert nursing care for sick animals.

They also have a significant role to play in advising owners on the health of their pets covering such areas as weight management, diet, dental care and all-important exercise routines.

In addition our nurses host puppy clinics which give your pet the chance to socialise on one-to-one basis in a fun environment with nurses giving advice on such issues as house training. They give you the opportunity as owner to ask any questions you may have in an informal setting.

We also run an arthritis clinic for pets with mobility problems where nurses will give advice on pain relief, exercise, hydrotherapy and massage routines to ease your animal’s discomfort and reduce the stress caused by the painful condition.

Nurses will carry out routine procedures such as nail clipping, the emptying of anal glands, post-operative checks including the removal of stitches, taking blood and urine samples and blood pressure monitoring in a relaxed, calm atmosphere.

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of our veterinary nurses her at The Mount to discuss your animal’s needs. They are here to make sure your pet is well cared for and healthy.