Mount Vets Facilities

At Mount Vets we have a range of specialist facilities to help provide the best possible care for your pets.

Laboratory Facilities

We delighted here at The Mount to offer superb in-house laboratory facilities where we can carry out a range of diagnostic tests with the aim of getting the results as quickly as possible.
This allows our vets to ascertain and assess your pet’s health condition so that a plan of treatment can be started quickly.

We have the equipment to run blood test analysis and general health profiles including urine tests and microscopy.

X-ray and ultrasound

Diagnostic facilities here at The Mount include the very best in x-ray and ultrasound procedures, which can uncover health issues, which may not always be found through external examination.
Both x-rays and ultrasound examples of medical imaging procedures. They are painless and non-invasive and have the advantage of spotting potentially serious health conditions which are better treated with a fast diagnosis. More information can be found on our x-ray and ultrasound page.

Surgical Facilities

The Mount offers full range of medical and surgical facilities on site where we can give your pet our full attention whatever its health condition. More details can be found on our surgery information page.

Separate Cat and Dog Wards

Mount Vets Facilities include separate cat and dog wards to house pets waiting for procedures. This makes the process of preparing for treatment less stressful for your animal.