Some of our clients might be wondering why we are continuing to keep our doors closed and bringing animals inside to examine. Especially as other shops and businesses will be opening from next week.

🐾 Maintaining social distancing in a busy waiting room is not easy. It is often a worrying time when you need to bring your pet to the vet. We don’t want clients to have to have the additional worry of trying to keep apart from other clients, animals and team members whilst waiting for their appointment.
🐾 Our vets and nurses see lots of different animals over each day. Therefore we are potentially exposed to a large number of different people every day. This means that not only are we at risk of catching an infection, we are also at risk of passing on an infection.
🐾 Maintaining a 2 metre distance whilst examining a pet is not really possible. In fact maintaining 1 metre is not possible either! This means that when you are holding your pet to be examined, the vet will be within 1 metre of you for more than one minute. This puts both you and the vet at risk.
🐾 If a team member unknowingly has a COVID-19 infection, they could potentially pass this to you and the local community
🐾 If a client unknowingly has a COVID-19 infection, they could potentially pass this to our vet. We are worried about the health of the team. But we are also worried that if the infection spreads amongst the team, we may have to temporarily close and be unable to provide care for your pets.
🐾 The government’s track and trace programme means that a large number of team members may need to self-isolate if an infection is confirmed in a client or a team member that has been in contact.
🐾 We want to be able to provide you and your pet with the best service we can during these difficult times. In order to do this we have to continue to do it in a slightly different way.
🐾 We will continue to do initial consultations by phone. If your pet needs to be seen then this will be arranged and we will bring them inside to be examined. We will then have discussions with you about your pet over the phone or socially distanced outside.

All the team are working hard through this pandemic to be there when you need them for your pet. We all thank you for supporting us in this new way of working.