Following the most recent updates from the government, we have made further changes to our regular services.

Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to protect not only our staff and clients but the wider community.
Whilst we want to continue to help you and your pets, we need you to help us keep everyone safe.

❗️From today, we will be seeing EMERGENCIES only.

☎️We are able to offer phone consultations with a vet if you require one. Please call us to arrange.

💊Food and medications, including parasite control, can be ordered via your usual branch- please give 5 days notice to allow time for our suppliers to deliver to us.

💉For those of you who have pets due their annual vaccinations at this time:
Vaccine manufacturers advise a period of time that is acceptable to go past the vaccination due date. Whilst not ideal, as vaccinations are considered routine healthcare and adhering to the most recent government advice, we will not be vaccinating at this time.
Once we are running as normal, we will hold a vaccine amnesty- offering restart vaccinations to all of the pets who have lapsed during this time. This will be at booster price, so no additional cost to pet owners.

Please do not attend our surgery unless you have been asked to do so by a member of staff.
Please give your regular branch a call if you have further questions.